UnderGround World Hidden In the Pocono Mountain Range



“Wonderland” or “Alice” is a world found within an old viaduct over the Delaware River. Many locals frequently trespass onto the property for the graffiti art and beautiful views. It is located fairly close to the New Jersey and Pennsylvania state border. Most people drive right past it on the interstate without ever knowing it is there. If you can find the location, you will need to park on the side of a road. You’ll then need to walk down a small trail and over a few concrete road blocks. Eventually you will find yourself at the top of the viaduct covered in gravel from the old rail roads that ran over this bridge in the past. On both sides of the bridge are beautiful views of the Delaware River.


Towards the center of the bridge you will find a manhole that is not covered with a ladder that descends down into the viaduct. If you are brave enough, go down the ladder for what feels like forever. At the bottom you will find yourself near an opening and surrounded by graffiti. There is graffiti art everywhere and you’ll get another breathtaking view of the Delaware River. Take a moment to breathe in and out and just be.

Remember to be safe when checking out this location. Since the viaduct is on private property you are trespassing and can be arrested for being here without permission. While I have never personally had any issues, you should always be aware of your surroundings and be careful. The ladder down into the viaduct during rainy weather is exposed so it is very slippery. Be sure to we are comfortable shoes or shoes with grip. Do not try to descend the ladder in heels or boots.wonderland

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