Top 5 Countries to Visit for U.S. Passport Holders

The United States currently sits #5 on the list for most powerful passport, with 110 countries available to visit without a visa (for the full list click here). Singapore is #1 with 162 countries available to their citizens. Today, a lot of young adults are taking time after school or during school to travel abroad. Visa’s can be extremely pricey, so I have compiled a list of Top 5 countries that U.S. citizens can either obtain a visa VERY easily and cheap or don’t need one at all.



Well known for it’s brightly colored mosaic buildings, mosques and markets, and home to Casablanca Morocco is a must see travel destination. For women, you may not want to solo travel to the region, and if you do travel with a group be sure to cover yourself and always carry a scarf. Although many tourists will walk around wearing whatever they want, you will be subjected to less stares and groping if you are covered from head to toe and stay respectful to the culture.

From the Sahara desert, Majorelle Garden, and the Hassan II Mosque, among many other beautiful must see places in this country everything seems picturesque. You will want to explore the Medina (the market), stay in a Riad (small home made into a hotel) and take in all of the things going on around you.



You will need a visa for Nepal, but it is one of about 50 countries that U.S. citizens can obtain easily and cheaper than other visas. If you plan to go outside the tourist season (October – December) you can save 50% of your money you would spend in peak tourist  season. Nepal is home to Kathmandu and has some of the most beautiful landscapes anywhere in the world. Travel to the north and see the Himalayas and the tallest mountain in the world, Mount Everest. Every year people attempt to climb to the top and many times not everyone will make it back. However, you can plan to hike only to the base camp which is where it tends to get more dangerous.

Nepal is a great place for hikers. There are many guided and self guided hikes available in the country. One of the most famous hikes is called the Annapurna Circuit. The hike lasts 21 days and has some of the most amazing views of the Himalayas. Most hikers plan to only hike part of the trail as Annapurna is almost as dangerous and almost as challenging as Mount Everest.

If you aren’t a hiker, the food and spirit of the locals around you will be enough culture to make you want to return for more year after year.



Whether you are looking to go in the dead of winter for a chance at seeing the northern lights, go in the summer to hike in Reykjavik, or you just want to swim in a natural hot springs with turquoise blue Instagramable water; Iceland is perfect. Iceland has become a hot spot of Instagram models in the last year, and for good reason.

Iceland offers some of the most jaw dropping frozen waterfalls and hikes anywhere you have ever been. Winter or summer there is something for everyone. Flights from the U.S. are pretty affordable too. Flights can be as low as $500 per person depending on the time of year and price drops. If you are itching to get out of the U.S. and within a budget, this might be one of the most affordable options out there.



Unlike Youtube celeb Logan Paul, avoid the Suicide Forest and instead explore Mt. Fuji, Tokyo see the Cherry Blossom Festival in Hirosaki. Japan has millions of things to do that are nothing like what you could experience in the U.S. Go to the Tokyo robot restaurant where you will watch a Cabaret run by robots, girls dancing in colorful outfits and fun upbeat music. Make friends with the birds at an owl cafe or visit Mickey in Disneyland.

If you are into history, visit Hiroshima and experience the devastation first hand left over from WWII. There are a lot of beautiful canyons to hike and visit for the perfect Instagram photo.



One of the newest up and coming places to visit in the world is Namibia. Known for its sand dunes Namibia is becoming known as “Africa for Beginners”. The welcoming spirit of it’s people and the exotic (and delicious) food make this a great place for first time travelers to Africa.

Visit Etosha National Park in a Safari, where you can experience the wildlife up-close. Travel to Fish River Canyon where you can hike the trails for breathtaking views, or strip down in a hot spring. Namibia has so much and more to offer. If you are a foodie or someone with exotic taste, Namibia has lots of local game dishes to offer. Things like antelope, giraffe, and zebra are served at their restaurants.


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Five Types of Suitcases You Absolutely Must Have

Different trips call for different luggage. Here are a few suitcases I own that I adore and how I decide which I will use:

  1. Duffel bag. An overnight bag is like a little black dress for travelers. Everyone should have at least one. I like to use a duffel bag for this, I have three different ones. The key is to find one that has enough storage space as well as pockets on the inside and out to fit everything you need and keep it organized. In addition you can also use a large back pack or oversized purse.
  2. 15″ rolling under the seat luggage. For longer weekend trips, whether you are driving somewhere nearby, or flying out on business, a small rolling suitcase that can fit under an airplane seat is my favorite thing in the world. It is slightly smaller than carry on bags and fits under all airplane seats. Brandon and I both have one for short trips back to NJ to visit our families. The suitcase is roomy enough to fit everything we need yet compact enough to fit on smaller commercial airlines.
  3. Standard carry-on rolling bag. If you are like me and need to bring 3 pairs of shoes on every trip longer than 24 hours, the standard sized rolling bag is a great addition to your luggage collection. One reason I love this is because a standard sized commercial aircraft has room above your seat to store these. Modern technology has made me so lazy. I only fly on airlines I can check in from my phone so I can skip the lines at the gate. Very rarely do I ever check a bag. I hate standing in lines with people who don’t know how to navigate an airport or hardly ever fly. I am inpatient and love being able to get out of my car and walk directly to security so I can grab my Starbucks and relax once I get to the gate.  I hate standing in baggage claim waiting for airport employees to unload the plane and get me my luggage. I’ve also seen one too many suitcases lost or contents stolen in airports. If I can keep my possessions with me at all times I am a happy gal.
  4. Large sized luggage. Buy a nice large luggage bag with a good lock, and don’t skip out on the toiletry bag. When I am going on longer vacations like when we were in Hawaii for 2 weeks, I like to bring a large enough suitcase that I have everything I would need for one week including shoes. You’ll have to check your bag, unless you are lucky enough to live near an airport with curbside check in. In addition, you will need to stand around and wait for your luggage to get off the plane and you’ll run the risk of items being stolen. As long as you are careful, have a good lock on your bag, and pack smart you should be alright. Finger crossed and let’s hope that everything makes it home with you! Luggage sets are nice because they are usually roomy are made well, and come in a matching set which makes it easier to spot on the conveyer belt.
  5. Laptop bag. If you’re like me you’ll want to bring your laptop on the flight with you. I have a laptop bag in the form of a backpack which I found on Amazon. There is a ton of cushion so your laptop doesn’t get damaged and they are really nice and well made. I own the HFSX Vintage Laptop Backpack. You can buy ones with built in phone chargers and a place to store your phone, keys, wallet, and passport. Plus, it will fit under your seat. is my favorite place to shop for luggage. They have great luggage that makes travel easy and organizing natural. Their hard side carryon is amazing. You can also find packing tips and lots of travel related gear other than luggage. You can all of the above INCLUDING universal travel adapters which work in 150 different countries. Another great thing to do if you can invest is to buy a luggage set that includes all of the pieces above. You will save money in the long run and everything will match (if you have OCD like me than that’s really important). Don’t forget to comment below with links to your favorite pieces of luggage and why.


Happy travels!

6 Awesome Places Near Atlantic City You’ve Never Heard Of, But Need To Visit.

the stigma

When most people think of New Jersey they think of crumbling industry and  big polluted cities. People think of it as a lesser version of New York and no one seems to want to give it a break. Believe it or not, there is more farmland in NJ than there is acreage in the state of Delaware. You can find some of the most beautiful sunsets, best flounder fishing, and the most quaint little towns in the entire country. Although Atlantic City is not at it’s peak, there are many beautiful places around it. Some places within a 30 to 40 minute drive of the city are worth a minute or two of your time. Below are my favorite places in and around Atlantic City, NJ that you didn’t know existed, but definitely need to see.


6 places (shockingly) located in and near atlantic city

the Historic Town of Smithville


Smithville village


The small historic town of Smithville is located north west across the bay from Atlantic City, NJ. The little village is full of shops and restaurants with amazing food and great atmosphere. They also have revolutionary war time themed re-enactments and host two craft fairs during the year; May Fest & October Fest.  Previously surrounded by pine barrens, Smithville is now the heart of a small town.




Locals and travelers alike love to come walk the old bridge, feed the ducks, and have a slice of pizza or “Stockton Bomb” from Costello’s sitting on the deck over the small lake. Take a ride in the duck boats or have a competition at the “shooting range” to see who can score the most points. The Smithville Inn is an old restaurant that was once a stop on the stage coach route which is now Route 9. The Inn dates back to 1787 and some believe that many of the stores  around the Inn are haunted.

Santa visits at Christmas time and a haunted train ride is fun for all ages during the month of October. Carolers sing during the holiday season and a large Christmas tree lights up the train station near the center of town. You can even stay over night in the village and enjoy a relaxing weekend by visiting their website, here.

Gardener’s Basin

Atlantic City

Second story deck of Back Bay Ale House

Gardener’s Basin is a small area of Atlantic City that barely seems like Atlantic City. One of the best places for a good breakfast in the city is Gilchrist which makes amazing eggs and breakfast sandwiches. Drink a warm cup of coffee and look out over the bay as the sun begins to rise behind you.

Start your afternoon by checking out the little shops and then head over to the Atlantic City Aquarium. Although it is quite small there a lot of really cool “touch” exhibits and craft areas for kids depending on the time of year. They have a decent amount of aquatic life and some really cool relics from old ships to diving suits. There is even an observation deck where you can see a good distance over the city.

Atlantic City

basin mason

Back Bay Ale House is the home of the famous “Basin Mason”. Try a 32 oz mason jar full of delicious adult beverage you can select from their cocktail menu. The drinks are both satisfying and strong for $12.50. If you order a 32oz jar they do have a 2 drink limit and trust me you won’t need a third one. They have mouth watering clams and amazing fish entrees to choose from. The small upstairs balcony, which can have up to a 3 or 4 hour wait time to be seated, has the best view of the sunset. There is an outside bar under the second floor balcony that sits about 100 yards from Scales

When night falls Scales Grill & Deck Bar has the best entertainment. Fairly new after the old building that once stood in its spot burned down a few years ago, Scales provides live entertainment and a fun atmosphere. Located directly on the water, you can either boat here or drive.

Ocean City boardwalk

Ocean City

Jersey Girl

Ditch the Atlantic City Boardwalk and drive 15 minutes south on the parkway until you get to the Somers Point & Ocean City Exit. Pay the toll and follow this road over the 9th street bridge and into Ocean City. One of the last dry towns in the United States is nestled right in southern New Jersey. Ocean City is one of the best shore towns for families with two amusement parks, a large arcade and miles of boardwalk. The beaches are clean and have life guards during the summer months.


Ocean City

Have a Khor’s Bros ice cream cone, enjoy a show at the Ocean City Theatre Company, or play a round of mini golf at Congo Falls. Gillian’s Wonderland Pier sports a huge ferris wheel and rides geared toward smaller children. Take a walk down the boardwalk a little further and find Playland’s Castaway Cove a pirate themed park with rides.


Ocean City

Ocean City boardwalk

Grab a slice of famous Manco & Manco pizza and sit on the boardwalk enjoy the beautiful views of the ocean. Check out the shore stores that line the boardwalk to purchase your own hermit crab and a bright neon t-shirt or sweatshirt with an obnoxious saying. You’re in New Jersey, so why not?

Cape May, NJ

cape may

Located all the way down the parkway South to Exit 0 from Atlantic City is Cape May, NJ. This not so little town has a million things to do. From the concrete walkway along the ocean, to the southernmost tip of NJ, to the shops and bed & breakfasts throughout the town there are so many things to see. Check out the Cape May lighthouse, which also happens to be the place my husband and I got engaged in 2015. You can get perfect sunset pictures at the top of the light house and on the beach. While you are there, check out the old ship wreck a few hundred feet away on the beach.

Cape May

Cape May light house

Walk around down town, or rent bikes to ride to the beach. Stroll down the cobble stone streets and eat an ice cream cone and stop at the Lobster House restaurant & raw bar. This is one of the best places to eat in southern New Jersey. You can eat dinner in the 5 star restaurant which is a little more business casual, or sit on the deck by the clam boats and order from the raw bar wearing your flip flops.


Take a walk back in time and explore this old town about 30 minutes west of Atlantic City in the pine barrens. Batsto is a New Jersey state park with large old barns, mills, and trails to explore. Keep an eye out for the Jersey Devil who is known to roam these woods and has been spotted in the area. The village dates back to 1766 when a large iron works plant was built there. Over time, the natives of the town eventually all died or moved out. Today it is a historical land mark in the state.

The village is right near the river and is well known for hiking, biking, star gazing, and glass making. It is a great place for the whole family to spend some time out doors and exploring history.

the edwin b. FORSYTHe Wild Life Refuge

Located in Oceanville, NJ the wildlife refuge is a beautiful place to reconnect with nature and is found 12 miles from Atlantic City. You can drive, hike, or bike around the 8 mile one way dirt road. Climb the observation towers to get a bird’s eye view of 47,000 acres of preserved wetlands. You will find amazing views for landscape and nature photography as well as diverse species of birds.

When you are finished exploring the wild life refuge trails, check out the Noyes Museum which offers a ton of culture and history of the area. The museum is full of local art and offers many arts and crafts days for kids and is a collaboration with Stockton University. The staff is very friendly and the show room offers interesting art work and beautiful views of Lily Lake.

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